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Brand Profile

Sonu Bhutia designs was founded in July 2015 by designer Sonu Bhutia. After completing 2 years of a diploma program in fashion designing from Raffles design international. The firm started with a workshop in the designer’s hometown and has reached to the customers around the globe through social media. Sonu Bhutia designs, a brand that transforms the recent trend into an easy and accessible fashion with beautiful romanticism. The brand reflects the positive and caring attitude towards nature which is the major inspiration for most of the designs. It works on basis of creativity and passion which fused perfectly to give winsome look. Elements comprised of color, texture, and volume balanced with a modern cut and fit intrinsic to traditional tailoring enhancing the charming and versatile look. Paying maximum attention to natural fabrics, unique design to the final product so as to match the personality of one who’s wearing the label.

Designer Profile

Proof that pursuing a true passion leads to the great thing which leads me to enter this world of fashion – clothing brand. From a very young age, my passion in fashion has fascinated me to design a wide range of outfits conveying sophistication and elegance. Nature, a symbol of immortality, a perfect combination of design and concept has majorly inspired me every time I design something and has a major impact on most of my designs. My every collection is developed with an emphasis on embroideries accentuating the silhouette and mood of the sophisticated and forever whimsical women.

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